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Rustic Elegance: The Cozy Cabin Look That's Sure to Warm You Up

With the cooler weather knocking on our door, my mind starts to wander to places like a rustic Colorado cabin. Places where you can curl up under a fuzzy blanket and drink a cup of coffee, all while enjoying a beautiful fire ablaze in the fireplace. You can picture it, can't you? But what if you wanted to make that daydream a reality in your home?

I have been on a bit of a lucky streak lately as far as what style my clients have been asking for. Lately, we have had clients asking us to help them create cozy but elegant homes with a cabin-type feel to them (which is one of my favorite styles!). I stumbled across this gorgeous living room while researching looks and thought I would share it with you too!

Rustic Elegant Living Room

For me, this image puts me right into the mountains on a cool Autumn day. What a gorgeous inspiration room! There are several highlights to this room, but I will point out my top 3 favorites:

1. The Rock Fireplace

Fireplaces can either be the stunning focal point of a living room OR they can be a design nightmare and stick out like a sore thumb! This particular fireplace creates symmetry and helps ground the high ceilings. It sits perfectly between windows on either side. The browns and grays of the rocks lend a helping hand to the warm tones throughout the rest of the room.

2. The Lighting

Holy Chandelier! This two tiered, lighted chandelier has just the right parts of rustic and elegance to send this room into another level of design. By bringing in elements such as a large metal light fixture and fireplace sconces, the designer was able to balance the wood walls, rock fireplace, and stained concrete floors. All these natural materials blend together to compliment the beautiful view showing through the wall to wall windows. Between the natural light and the lighting chosen for this room, its hard to deny its beauty.

3. The Furniture and Accents

What better way to warm up a cozy cabin than with complimenting fabrics and accents? The linen sofas and leather chairs bring another dimension to this room. Interior design is all about layers, and the furnishings of this room are the perfect top coat to an already beautiful foundation. The natural tones of blues, browns, tans, and greens help bring the outdoors in, making this living room an inviting place to curl up and relax.

Whether you are considering building a cozy cabin or just like to daydream, this living room is definitely an inspiration!

Ready to build? Need help choosing the perfect items to complete your renovation? Give Jancy Ervin a call! Located in historic downtown Brenham, TX, we are currently servicing the Central Texas area, including Greater Houston, Austin, and Brazos Valley areas. We would love to hear about your project.

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